ABF Smoked Andouille

Old World style mixed with a fresh new flair defines this sausage made by Silva for over two generations. In our Andouille Sausage, we combine classic sausage making with a mild and smoky blend of spices and quality meat. If you enjoy the spice of Cajun style cooking but like it on the mild side, try this one.

ABF Bourbon, Uncured Bacon & Black Pepper Sausage

A splash of Bourbon, deliciously smoky uncured bacon, and freshly cracked black pepper make this sausage BIG on flavor. Bold and smooth at the same time, we use all natural*, no antibiotics, vegetarian fed pork and select spices in this handcrafted link. We then use apple wood chips to smoke and fully cook this sausage for the ultimate flavor. Add this sausage to your favorite chili recipe or fry and serve alongside roasted garlic and onions for a sandwich that will keep friends and family coming back for more. 

ABF Louisana Brand Hot Links

Our hottest link! Zesty spices and sweltering heat complement each other in this mouth-watering tender and juicy sausage. This robust link packs a punch for any spice lover.

ABF Jalapeño Pepper Jack Sausage

Our Jalapeño and Pepper jack Cheese sausage is just spicy enough to provide a little kick but still has a smooth overall flavor profile to appease everyone. We take our  smoked sausage recipe and then combine creamy pepper jack cheese with jalapeño peppers to produce a link that has a bold and delicious taste.

ABF Linguica Portuguese Sausage

Silva’s award winning Linguica is still made with the traditional Portuguese recipe that began the company in 1967. Using a blend of wine vinegar, various spices, and Silva’s unique Hickory smoke processing has made this sausage one of our top sellers. Silva’s Linguica has a milder flavor and can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

ABF Mexican Chorizo

Authentic south of the border spices including cayenne pepper and New Mexico chilies make our Mexican Chorizo second to none. This is one of our most versatile products and can be enjoyed with any meal.

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