ABF Polish Sausage

With its smoky and peppery flavor, Polish sausage is a Worldwide favorite. We have been making polish sausage for decades using the best ingredients we can find. Now we use that same great recipe with antibiotic free pork for a wholesome, traditional product that is packed with flavor and deliciousness. Pair with sauerkraut for a classic European meal, or cut into pieces and skewer with vegetables for a tasty kabob.

ABF Serrano Chile & Mango Sausage

Taking a cue from the popularity of sweet and spicy foods, Silva Sausage has created this Hickory smoked masterpiece. With a blend of sweet Mango paired with the medium-hot Serrano chili pepper ( slightly hotter than the Jalapeño Pepper ), this sausage has a tasty profile sure to please flavor explorers. This sausage is perfect on the grill - add grilled sweet onions to make the perfect sandwich.

ABF Spanish Chorizo

Enhanced with old world tradition! This is one of the first sausages we produced. True to its roots, our Spanish Chorizo contains a quality blend of spices including Bay leafs and Oregano. We cure and marinate the meat for twenty-four hours before smoking it for over two hours to achieve the authentic taste of old world Spain.

Zesty Italian Sausage

This favorite is one of our specialties, delicately spiced with Italian herbs and slowly hickory smoked to create a distinctive taste pioneered by Silva Sausage.